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 Indore Ishq webseries full hd Download

indori Ishq

Story: When a highly conservative family ends up onboard a mini-bus full of unconventional musicians, their starkly different worlds collide. As they ride together from Mumbai to a small town shaadi in Rajasthan, it lays bare deep-rooted patriarchy, rebellion and gender stereotypes.

Review: From its synopsis, ‘Shaadisthan’ sounds like an interesting social commentary on our intrinsic societal problems. Social commentary is alright, but interesting? Nah, not so much. The story begins with an unimaginably dull ‘live’ performance of a band that prides itself in its musical prowess. Cut to, we see a young girl Arshi (Medha Shankar) getting an earful from her father for ‘running away’ from home due to which they miss their flight to Rajasthan. Now, as fate would have it, the family has to ride with a bunch of young musicians, who are also the groom’s friends, going to perform at his wedding. While their smoking, drinking and singing make it quite an uncomfortable journey for Arshi’s father Sanjay (Rajan Modi), it’s his own patriarchal attitude that might just end up messing his young daughter’s life.

The film’s thought-provoking concept is commendable, but it does end up getting overbearing and preachy very soon, because there isn’t much meat in the writing itself. What starts as a road journey flirts with some interesting moments of conflict and confrontation, but they soon fizzle out due to a weak screenplay and dull execution. Nothing so interesting ever happens to keep you really hooked to the problems of a typical middle-class family and a bunch of trippy performers. In their quest to show us what plagues our society, the writers infuse their story with clich├ęs and stereotypes from both the worlds – the conventional and the unconventional. And the problem is neither are convincing enough. For a film that has majority of its actors playing musicians, there’s absolutely no memorable soundtrack.

Indori Ishq is a nine-episode drama directed by Samit Kakkad, also starring Vedika Bhandari and Aashay Kulkarni. It begins streaming on MX Player from today.

Asserting that the digital space gives actors freedom to dig deeper into their characters, Ritvik added, “I’m inclined towards movies. But, OTT space help an actor explore a character to its truest extent because maximum you can push a movie is to three hours. A 10-episode long show helps us dive deeper into it. So, in terms of acting, web shows really help up our performance.”

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