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Jaane Anjanne 1971


Jaane Anjaane" may be a 1971 hindi film which has Shammi Kapoor, Leena Chandavarkar, Helen, Vinod Khanna, Sandhya Roy, Dhumal, Jayant, Lalita Pawar, K N Singh and Sulochana in lead roles. we've 3 songs lyrics and a couple of video songs of Jaane Anjaane. Shankar and Jaikishan have composed its music. Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Rafi and Manna Dey have sung these songs while Hasrat Jaipuri and S. H. Bihari have penned its lyrics.

Shakti Samanta, ace filmmaker with classics like “Amar Prem”, “Aradhana”, “Amaanush”, “Kati Patang” and “Kashmir Ki Kali” amongst others, somehow faltered with “Jane Anjane”, although the film did reasonably well at the box office. Despite one among his favourite actors cast because the actor – the first Rockstar of Hindi cinema, Shammi Kapoor – “Jane Anjane” did not achieve heights of cinematic brilliance and sensitivity that Samanta was appreciated by generations of movie buffs. Perhaps, it had been the story, written by Madhusudan Kalekar, which was the weak link. Kalekar’s effort is quite predictable and clichéd, together gets a sense of reminder while encountering the characters and situations.

Although Kapoor, with whom Samanta had created magic in earlier films, gives a competent performance, he comes out as a fleeting reflection of his earlier debonair and dashing self. For the formidable Kapoor of Yahoo! Fame, together with his iconic dance moves, flying curls and deadly attractiveness , this was one among the last films as a solo hero, because the tendency to realize weight had already afflicted him. And there was a replacement romantic hero, Rajesh Khanna, on the block, who caught in a frenzy all competition together with his dream run at the box-office.

In technical aspects, where Samanta’s films usually rate quite high, “Jane Anjane” fails to form it to the highest league, especially in art direction, credited to Sant Singh, which may be a tad lack lustre. Similarly, cinematography, by Aloke Dasgupta, tends to offer a jaded feel sometimes , particularly when scenes are shot inside studios, and not on actual location. The screenplay by Ranjan Bose has several loose ends, where side characters consume unduly long screen time and divert attention from the most plot, which anyway is wafer thin. Equally clichéd and humdrum are the dialogues, written by Vrajendra Gaur, which provides a feel of films made within the fifties with their tiring predictability.

As for the story, it starts when a beleaguered woman Shobha (veteran actress Sulochana during a benign, motherly role as always) abandons a baby boy (born out of wedlock) on the steps of a temple after the person she had secretly married dies in an accident. Thereafter, she jumps into a river to require her own life. within the nick of your time , a person (old hand Sajjan) catching fish on the banks of an equivalent river jumps in to save lots of her life. the 2 marry and have a son, Inspector Hemant – a really young, boyish looking and raw Vinod Khanna yet to mark his presence as an actor of calibre; but his deadpan looks, literally, are enough to comb the audience off their feet.

The abandoned boy, salvaged from precincts of the temple by a village lady, Laxmi – Lalita Pawar during a rare positive appearance – grows up to be Ramu (Shammi Kapoor). Despite the protestations of a devout Laxmi, who wants to send Ramu to high school , the boy is consistently pestered by his foster father, Shankar Dada (Jayant, father of the late Amjad Khan) to require after him within the world of crime. An impressionable Ramu relents and follows Shankar’s footsteps as a rogue, who indulges in petty theft and bootlegging, although constantly reminded by the village belle, Koyli (Sandhya Roy) to fix his unruly ways.

However, neither the exhortations of his foster mother nor the endeavour of Koyli – who features a soft corner for Ramu – are ready to wean him faraway from the cycle of crime. it's only he falls crazy with a petite girl, Mala (Leena Chandavarkar), that Ramu vows to fix his wild ways and adopt a lifetime of honesty and diligence . even as he embarks on this path an accidental shot fired in self defence by Inspector Hemant, kills Laxmi. An enraged Ramu vows revenge. This brings the reality about Shobha, Laxmi, Hemant and Ramu within the open and results in a dénouement which may be described as anything but earth shattering.

Leena Chandavarkar, because the lead opposite Shammi Kapoor, looks pretty and exudes grace and poise. Even her dance skills are well honed. But it's in terms of histrionic prowess that she falters – expressions on the face remain stagnant and there's hardly any voice modulation while delivering dialogues. it had been due to these shortcomings that Chandavarkar, despite getting an opportunity to act opposite legends like Dilip Kumar, Shammi Kapoor and Rajesh Khanna, did not attain the recognition of her contemporaries like Mumtaz and Hema Malini.

It is also rather surprising that Samanta, most of whose films have songs of the very best rating, did not get a far better score for “Jane Anjane” despite getting the music by Shankar-Jaikishan to lyrics penned by Gulshan Bawra, Hasrat Jaipuri and SH Bihari.

Jaane Anjaane Cast & Crew

Directed ByShakti Samanta
Produced ByShakti Samanta
StarringShammi Kapoor
Leena Chandavarkar
Vinod Khanna
Sandhya Roy
Lalita Pawar
K N Singh
LyricsHasrat Jaipuri
S. H. Bihari
SingerKishore Kumar
Lata Mangeshkar
Mohammad Rafi
Manna Dey
Release DateJanuary 01, 1971

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