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 Krack Full movie hd Download

Cop dramas are often stuffed with ruthless policing and this film is no exception. But director Gopichand Malineni successfully manages to add fresh elements to it and it nowhere feels like the same old wine. The movie begins with a happy Ravi Teja, enjoying life with his wife (Shruthi Haasan) and son. The family track feels super adorable and the romance between the married couple is written well.

But the romance stays short on screen and the movie slowly prioritises the plot which shows just how ruthless Shankar is in dealing with criminals and gundas in his jurisdiction. It is good to see a brutal woman on screen in Jayamma (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) as it’s rare to find an antagonist like her in Telugu cinema. Katari has a special track in the movie that explains why the antagonist is no less than a protagonist in this film. Nothing out of the box happens in the first half, but you nonetheless enjoy it as people clap and whistle at the fights and mass dialogues. The other notable and scary part of the film is the ferocious Vetapalem gang, who drink blood of donkeys to keep the cruelty in them alive. It seems like Gopichand.has done a lot of research before writing the track as such people did exist in that area, once upon a time. The first half ends with a heroic interval fight that is whistle-worthy.

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Download Now Krack Movie:-Click here

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